Yoga and Me

I began my journey with Bikram yoga about five years ago. I had casually done a bit of yoga here and there, mostly of the home dvd variety, before beginning hot yoga. My husband and I were living in Mexico at the time and would be visiting family in the states for Christmas, so I decided I would take some hot yoga classes while in Cali to learn the proper way to do this style of yoga in hopes that I would continue once returning to Guadalajara.

Before my first class at a Bikram studio in Costa Mesa I purchased and completely read, Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class. I highly recommend this book. The in depth knowledge and advice it gives on each posture made a huge impact on my practice right from the beginning.

During our week-long stay I participated in 5 hot yoga classes. I loved this no non-sense style of yoga! No self-actualization speeches or inner-light mumbo jumbo- just me, my mat, 105 degress, 90 awesome minutes, and 26 rejuvenating postures.

I did continue hot yoga in our little casita in Las Fuentes. We had a little spare room and a space heater- so early when the morning was still quiet I went into my little room heated it up and worked in front of a mirror with my Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class.

I continued this for about 9 months until I was 3 month pregnant with my first child and then switched to Jennifer Wolf’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga for the duration of my pregnancy. I think my yoga practice was the primary factor in both my first and second all-natural labor and deliveries.

I love to write about yoga because it is relatively new to me and besides my painting I don’t believe I have internalized something so deeply as I have it. That being said, I must  always be working through and evaluating its role in my life and how it affects my beliefs and actions-making sure I am taking each thought captive for Christ and not allowing false truths to inadvertently become apart of my mantra, so to speak=).

I have found the practice of yoga to be a great gateway for worshiping my Creative God! I am so amazed by our bodies he created and the “unreal” things they are quite capable of. I love the quiet surrender at the end of an intense practice where I can let go of my thoughts and stresses and just let my heart, soul, and mind praise God with no obstructions. I receive wonderful blessings and pictures of beauty and hope in these moments that strengthen my devotion to the Creator of all things.

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