About Lori

Hello! My name is Lori.

I love life, God, my family, travel, art, beautiful things, yoga……….. I don’t have as much time as I would like to dwell on these topics with two beautiful little girls running around (3 years and 9 months). Too many days I find myself “used up” when it’s all over. So I write to recharge- to connect. I want to be a wife and mother that demonstrates beauty to my husband and daughters. I want to cherish these sweet times- not get bogged down in their demands! I write to remind myself to wonder, to stand in awe, to praise, to relax- to train myself so that I can train them.

I am blessed to stay at home with my girls while hubby brings home the bacon! I am an artist. I paint with oils- or i used too=) it comes in spurts now. My new medium is life- artist of life. I’m living life anyways so I may as well live it well.

I have been married to Aaron for 7 years. We have spent most of our marriage in Colorado- save 2 amazing years teaching at The Lincoln School in Guadalajara, Mexico, where our first daughter, Clara, was born. Our second daughter, Ana Cecilia, was born here in Colorado Springs. Aaron is a daring and adventurous soul- now on his third career change. I support him and am thrilled that God blesses our family as we act in faith following the desires He has placed in our hearts and the opportunities that He presents to us.

I have many big dreams for our future……..but here’s the thing- I am learning that God’s dreams for our future are bigger and better than mine- so who knows where we’ll be in 5, 10, or 20 years! That excites and comforts me. It is NEVER too late!

Cheers to you reading this blog=)

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